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SDL Brokerage business owners policy offers an affordable way for you to obtain property and liability insurance. This policy includes key coverages that are important to any business, and also offers additional business- specific options that are important for any garage.

Property Highlights

Property coverage covers your building and business personal property for replacement cost with no coinsurance.

Accounts Receivable:

–  Coverage is included up to $25,000 on and off premises. On-premises limit may be increased

–  Deductible does not apply

Business Personal Property:

–  Includes your employees’ tools and equipment and insured’s diagnostic equipment, which are covered as business personal property while on the premises

–  Loss by theft to employee’s tools is included up to $2,500, up to $500 per employee

Crime Coverage:

–  Employee dishonesty and forgery or alteration coverage are both included up to $25,000 and limit may be increased

–  Money and securities are included within business personal property

–  Theft damage to rented property coverage is included within business personal property when tenant is contractually obligated to make repairs

Electronic Data Processing Equipment, Data and Media:

–  Coverage is included subject to the business personal property limit, for a maximum of $50,000

–  Limit may be increased

–  Coverage applies worldwide

–  Enhanced perils under this coverage extension include protection against loss by electrical current, mechanical breakdown and power failure

–  Off-premises (including transit) coverage, backup data off-premises coverage, and newly acquired equipment coverage are included up to $25,000

Equipment Breakdown:

–  Coverage for equipment breakdown is included within applicable limits

–  Diagnostic equipment, power-generating equipment, and production equipment are limited to $100,000 for direct damage

–  Limit may be increased

–  Service interruption of water, communication or power supply services is covered from a covered breakdown (when business income and extra expense is covered)

Motor Vehicle Damage to Leased Buildings:

– Coverage is included with limits up to $25,000 


– Coverage for signs within 1,000 feet is included within the building limit when building coverage is written or within business personal property limit when tenant is contractually obligated

Valuable Papers & Records:

–  Coverage is included up to $25,000 on and off premises.

On-premises limit may be increased

–  Includes the cost to research, replace or restore lost information

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