Business Interruption Planning

SDL Brokerage can help you plan for continued operations of your business in the face of a catastrophic incident. While your insurance may cover some of your financial losses, your business must develop plans to allow employees the ability to carry out essential tasks and remain in contact with customers. With SDL Brokerage’s Essential Business Interruption Planning, we can help minimize any effects of your business interruption, promote rapid recovery and mitigate your damages.

Approximately one in every five companies suffers a serious business interruption every year.  Of those companies, almost 70% will lose significant revenue, with 40% never resuming their operations. Business interruptions pose a significant threat to companies of all sizes in every industry, every year.  And while it may not be possible to prevent, it is possible to prepare for a recovery that minimizes the loss of time and money, and gets your operations back up and running.

A Business Interruption Plan prepared by the analysts at SDL Brokerage will keep your company protected from interruptions that lead to devastating loss and jeopardize your company’s future.  Our Business Interruption Planning is a series of tested strategies intended to restore essential operations following an interruption with maximum speed and minimum impact.


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