Fleet Safety

Vehicle accidents are among the most costly of injury claims for any business. The average loss to a business related to each individual vehicle accident is twice the cost of the average workplace injury. If you business does not have a custom fleet safety program, you may be putting the welfare of your employees and financial status of company at risk.

SDL Brokerage offers custom designed Fleet Safety Programs for businesses to establish policies and procedures needed to ensure a safe work environment for all employees and protect against liability from vehicle accidents. The use of vehicles for business is governed by the UA Fleet Safety Policy. The Fleet Safety Policy establishes the management framework for fleet safety that will minimize loss and maintain compliance within state rules governing loss programs for state agencies.

8 Essential Elements of a Fleet Safety Program

An effective fleet safety program must be comprehensive, up-to-date and instituted as a part of your company’s safety culture. It should be thorough, reaching each employee who gets behind the wheel. And the commitment has to start at the top.

Businesses may not be aware of the full extent of their non-owned vehicle exposure. You should identify everyone who drives on behalf of the business, even those employees that use personal and/or rented vehicles.

Leadership support of the program can help assure that the program is used.

This can help create a reliable, safe team. Without safe drivers, no organization is likely to have a good long-term safety record. Establish clear for anyone who drives on company business.

This can help to ensure that all drivers understand vehicle safety policies and procedures. All drivers should have access to information on safe driving strategies and techniques, including instruction in defensive driving.

This is essential in helping to ensure that drivers are following fleet safety rules and driving safely.

This can help mitigate accident costs. It also helps you to understand your exposures and can reduce the potential for future losses.

This sets clear consistent expectations.

This can help reduce costly, unexpected breakdowns, and can assist in avoiding accidents due to faulty equipment.

At SDL Brokerage our risk management analysts utilize our wealth of data to custom design an extensive Fleet Safety Program to protect what is important to our clients’ business. For more information contact Daniel Jacoby at danielj@sdlbrokerage.com or fill out the short Request form below.

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