Global Private Risk

SDL Brokerage will work as hard to protect your assets as you did to earn them. Our team of experts will apply our risk consulting & market experience to help you obtain the best solutions for your personal insurance needs. Through a complete evaluation of your risk profile, we are able to establish programs that ensure complete coverage without the burden of unnecessary insurance costs.

At SDL Brokerage, our goal is to know each of our clients on a personal level in order to provide the best possible customized insurance coverage that meets their needs. We offer a set of personal services not found in most large brokerages. We are an independent agency able to provide the most comprehensive coverages at competitive prices all while maintaining a personal touch.  Read here for more information about our Global Private Risk services as well as answer questions which can help determine if you are underinsured.

10 Questions: Are You Overpaying to be Underinsured?

Most high net worth (HNW) families fail to adjust their insurance programs to protect their assets. They choose their insurance agent and carrier early on in their wealth building years. Then, because few people like to think about insurance, they rarely take a close look at those choices again. They continue to place their home, auto, watercraft, valuable collections, and umbrella liability insurance with mass-market carriers that are not specifically structured to meet their needs—a problem that remains unnoticed until their house burns down or they get sued, maybe for millions of dollars.

Fortunately for wealth managers and their HNW clients, 10 simple questions can in most cases identify the key areas where they are likely underinsured or missing savings opportunities, according to our survey of 600 independent insurance advisors.

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