Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

From the moment that you start the pre-hiring process until the exit interview, you are vulnerable for a lawsuit. As a result, your business should take a hard look at whether it can afford to defend itself against alleged wrongful employment practices accusations. If not, there is an insurance solution called Employment Practices Liability that protects against wrongful termination, discrimination (age, sex, race, disability, etc.) or sexual harassment suits from your current, prospective or former employees. This coverage applies to directors, officers and employees, and can sometimes extend to third party liabilities.

Why Choose Employment Practices Liability

SDL Brokerage will guide your Directors & Officers through a process to protect their personal assets through a combination of strong corporate governance & indemnification, and a risk transfer program that includes a high-quality insurance program.

Employment Practices Liability

Employee related risks are among the most damaging to an organization. From sexual harassment and wrongful termination to discrimination and unfair work conditions, employers of all sizes face Employment Practices Liability (EPL) lawsuits.  The consequences of these suits may be financial disaster and/or significant damage to your company’s reputation. The question in today’s business climate is not if you will face a lawsuit, but when, and how much will it damage your company’s bottom line.

SDL Brokerage will provide you with the most comprehensive employment practices liability insurance available. We will assist you in protecting your company from the lasting effects of EPL lawsuits and potential monetary awards that could damage both your finances and reputation.

Fiduciary Liability

Fiduciary liability insurance covers claims filed by employees and beneficiaries of retirement plans against fiduciaries. These claims are usually for negligent errors in the handling of employee benefits and retirement plan investments. Protecting the fiduciaries of these plans are often complicated and are not often covered by D&O Liability, nor EPL policies, thus individual fiduciaries may be personally liable for any losses they caused. To help protect against these claims, SDL Brokerage has a comprehensive package to protect you from Fiduciary Liability.

Professional Liability

SDL Brokerage offers Professional Liability that will help in the costs of all legal defenses following a claim for an error, omission, or negligence in the performance of your organization’s professional services.

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